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A Swedish delicacy, surströmming, otherwise known as fermented Baltic sea Herring, is famous for its fantastic taste and pungent odour. As more and more people become aware of the beautiful food, finding cans of Surströmming has become an issue worldwide.​People everywhere are wondering where to buy Surströmming, and while it has been a staple of Swedish cuisine since the 16th century, it is very new to many places in the world. Now, as you can imagine, if you live in Sweden, buying Surströmming is not an issue, but what about the rest of Europe, or knowing where to buy Surströmming for fans in North America or across Asia and Japan? Well, the good news is that as an aged fish product sold in cans, Surströmming is perfect for mail order delivery. Not only is it perfect for delivery, no matter where you are, but there is also one specialist who carries all of the best brands of Surströmming and will ship anywhere in the world.

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