How to open a can of surströmming – without making a mess

  1. A surströmming-hack for newbies is to put the can in the freezer for a few minutes before opening it; this reduced the smell a bit.

    2. Tilt the can 45 degrees an put the can opener at the top of the can where you now have a pocket of air inside the can, preventing splashing.

    3. Enjoy the surströmming wrapped in buttered tunnbröd (a sweetened flat bred). Serve with freshly boiled sliced almond potatoes, diced onion, sour cream, and fresh dill for the best experience.

    4. When the an is open, pour out all of the liquid from the can into the kitchen sink and rinse it away. Some people prefer to rinse the surströmming and the inside of the can.

    5. If you live without nearby neighbours, it can be a good idea to open the can outside. Although, if you live in, for example, an apartment, I would recommend opening the can above the kitchen sink.

    6. Put the can on a plate and bring it to the table. It would help if you gutted the fish; filleted fishes are much easier to eat, but do not contain any roe.