​Röda Ulven Surströmming ​300 g


Röda Ulven (The red wolf) has taken its name from Ulvön (Wolf Island), the Mecca of Swedish surströmming. ​Surströmming comes whole and has a chance of containing roe, which is considered a delicacy among many connoisseurs. ​Contains 6-8 fermented herrings (surströmming).​


The first brand born in the company was naturally named “Gösta Hannells Surströmming.” However, the big breakthrough came with the brand “Red Wolf,” which Gösta Hannell bought the rights to in 1946.

Thanks to good herring, well-thought-out marketing, and eye-catching packaging, Röda Ulven soon became synonymous with sour herring. Today, it is Sweden’s leading brand when it comes to sour herring.

The wolf originates from the names Ulvön and Ulvöhamn, which today is the center of Swedish Surströmming.

Röda Ulven has taken its name from Ulvön, which is the Mecca of the Swedish sour herring. That it became just Red is because this island shines ultimately in red thanks to the beautiful red granite rappakivi.


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