Oskars​​​​ Surströmming 710 g – Best Seller!


Oskars Surströmming 710 gram. 475 gram drained weight.

Oskars Surströmming was founded in 1955 by Oskar Söderström. The Oskar’s were farmers and fishermen. In the beginning, it was mostly about refining their catch into salt herring.


The first barrel surströmming saw the light of day in 1955. Oskar was not completely satisfied with the result first. He did not give up but tried again and again. Soon the surströmming was allowed to be launched on the market.
In 1966, the first jar named Oskars came. The son Jan started working at the saltery in 1975. Dad Oskar retired in 1980, and Jan took over the company. Oskars Surströmming, which today runs by Jan and his wife Ingela, is Sweden’s largest Surströmming manufacturer. In the company, three full-time employees and two work half-time. During the high season, in the summer, around 20 young people are hired. The surströmming gets into the cans, which are then packed and delivered to warehouses and stores around Sweden.
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