Hello, friends, we are back again with an exciting new topic. In the last topic, we have seen how Surströmming is made. Also, we have seen some tips and warning while preparing Surströmming.

Now I know you are extremely excited to know what the taste of Surströmming is and how it will smell and all remaining stuff about the Surströmming.


Surströmming is a notorious Swedish delicacy made of matured Baltic ocean herring. In spring, the bringing forth fish are gotten among Sweden and Finland, at that point, the heads are eliminated, and the bodies are put away in a progression of salted water arrangements.

After about two months, the halfway safeguarded herrings are moved to hermetically sealed tins where they keep on maturing for up to one more year.

Every year’s cluster of soured ( surs – ) Baltic herring ( strömming ) couldn’t be sold before the third Thursday in August by regal pronouncement.

The mid-twentieth century statute was intended to handle ageing corner cutting. While this standard is no longer on the books, the date is as yet celebrated as the delicacy’s debut day ( surströmming spremiären ), especially in Sweden’s High Coast locale, the origin of surströmming.


Surströmming’s characterizing quality, and wellspring of worldwide reputation is its particular smell.

A 2002 Japanese investigation found that the scent of surströmming is one of the foulest on the planet.

It was positioned “more grounded” than Korean Hongeo-tool (aged skate fish), Japanese nattō (soybeans matured with intestinal microscopic organisms) and the most impactful of canned cheeses (Durian wasn’t even on the graph.)

Like a legendary shapeshifter, surströmming appears as whatever you might suspect scents the most exceedingly awful.

For many, the smell of Surströmming is grimy diapers, dead bodies, and a New York City public latrine.


Surströmming lovers are attracted to its rich umami flavor and will demand that the taste is far superior to the scent.

For an amateur like me, surströmming tasted precisely how it smelled. My sole nibble began fair enough with a reliable and exquisite character, at that point immediately changed into the acidic completion of spoiled fish.

The flavor debased all that it contacted, from the potatoes and the crème Fraiche to the chaser of aquavit.

Merely considering it presently places my stomach into a concise spiral. I will say that I can see how herring sweethearts could appreciate the fish’s unpredictability of flavours. Actually, I am simply upbeat that I could hold my single clampdown.


In Sweden, eating surströmming is a social activity. At a surströmmingsskiva or surströmming gathering, you and visitors can collect sandwiches together.

Surströmming is regularly eaten with a sort of bread known as tunnbröd (“meager bread”), either delicate or firm. With the soft bread, it’s conceivable to make a roll, and with the hard bread, it tends to be eaten as a sandwich, or an open sandwich.

It is standard to utilize an assortment of sauces, for example, onion, acrid cream and chives, and it’s typically presented with snaps and lagers. Then again, you can make it without the bread and present with only the potatoes.

With all the fixings, bread and liquor, and you ought to have the option to endure. On the off chance that you harbour reservations as influxes of rotten gas attack your nose, there’s nothing similar to the fluid boldness in an injection of akvavit.


Indeed! It’s totally protected to eat, given that the herrings are not past their date of termination. There ought to be a lapse date set apart on the can.


There are a ton of famous brands. Oskars Surströmming is a neighbourhood top pick. There’s additionally Prima Ultra and our surströmming of decision for the test was Ulvöprinsen.

Remember that in any event, surströmming has utilized by date. They can over ferment on the off chance that they’ve been in the can for longer than a year, so eat them soon!


The Swedish Surströmming Supplier is one of only a handful scarcely any spots where you can purchase surströmming outside of Sweden.

Surströmming has been prohibited on most business aircraft flights, so a keepsake can is somewhat not feasible.

On the off chance that you do get a tin, remember that it ought to be put away in the fridge until opened. Furthermore, if the container starts to swell, that is totally ordinary; it just methods the herrings are as yet maturing in the can.